iPhone Claro Worldwide Unlock All Models Supported 1-5 Days




- Turnaround of delivery is 3 business days from Monday to Friday

- Once confirmation of Unlock is delivered, you have 20 days to forward a complaint of relock

- 15 days after delivery no more complaint for relock will be accepted by the supplier, we'll ignore and money is lost.

Again, that's the rules, ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK, only if you accept those rules.

We have this service because customers requested it many times, again Order at your own risk !

All IMEI Supported except FLEX & CDMA iPhone.

To minimize the chance of relock, please read below carefully:

In case you submitted your IMEI while the iPhone was still on iOS7 & the IMEI got unlocked & then you updated the iPhone through iTunes to iOS8 before activating the iPhone through WiFi (the iPhone might gets relocked after updating to iOS8) to avoid such issue you must do 1 of 2 following options:

1) Update your iPhone to iOS8 before submitting your IMEI to us then after unlock confirmation received, you can activation your iPhone with any method (iTunes or WiFi ) <- Recommended Option.

2) If you submitted your IMEI to get it unlocked while the iPhone was still on iOS7, then you will have to activate the iPhone through WiFi (not iTunes). After unlock unlocking your IMEI to aoid gets the iphone Relocked & after activating & applying the unlock you can update your iPhone with iTunes or WiFi to the latest iOS version without any issue.


NOTE: Use this service at your own risk as we don't held any responsibilities regarding this issue, no refund request accepted for this service, even with GSX Report or Video Proof !